A: An innovative and one-stop solution for all your basic healthcare needs. Through our on-demand preventive health services, we help you stay on top of your well-being.

  • Take health checks at home or on the Health On Demand Pod at your workplace
  • Get instant digital reports of global standards
  • Track digitized records and data driven insights on the app
  • Consult with health experts anytime and anywhere


  • Super convenient – Get a health check in a comfortable environment of your choice, whenever you like
  • Saves time - No long commutes to the hospital, appointment waits and day off from work needed
  • Reliable and accurate
  • User-friendly experience – our health checks are conducted by well-trained and helpful pilots who put your safety and comfort at the forefront.
  • Personalized, data-driven recommendations – You’re unique and so are your health needs. Get customized advice and proactively track your progress on the app.

A: We currently serve Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune.


A: There are about 18 tests that can be done at the Health On Demand station. These include various preventive testing groups:

  • Body vitals: temperature, pulse and SpO2
  • Body measurements: height, weight, waist and hip circumference, Waist: Hip ratio, Waist: Height ratio, Body Fat %, Visceral Fat, skeletal mass, resting metabolism, BMI (Body Mass Index), IBW (Ideal Body Weight)
  • Cardio-metabolic disease screening: ECG, random blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol & triglyceride
  • Lung function test

A: We’ve selected a comprehensive range of tests, which when taken together give a well-rounded view of the your vital health data and are good indicators of potential risks.
HRA: Health Risk Assessment questions are questions that doctors and health experts often ask repeatedly but Health On Demand uses them to assess your risks further and they also contribute to the MEW score.

Body analytics and BMI:
Health On Demand’s impedance scale allows for complex body analytics including weight, body fat %, body water %, BMI and more. Taken together, these give a good indication of a person’s physical fitness. Since increased BMI and body fat can themselves be the cause of multiple other problems related to the heart, diabetes, bones and muscles, it is good to be aware and set goals for these parameters.
Blood Sugar(Glucose): Diabetes is one of the most complex, and detrimental chronic lifestyle diseases of our time. Early detection and awareness about one’s blood glucose levels is essential to mitigate the risk of developing diabetes and its related complications later on. Those with diabetes also benefit from regular checks of their blood sugar in order to monitor whether their efforts to control their sugar levels are making a difference.
Cardiac (Heart Health): Health On Demand does several tests related to heart health and cardiac risk. Blood pressure: Increased blood pressure can be an early indicator of potential heart risk or a sign of significant stress (which is a risk for heart disease). It is important to be aware of BP levels and to check them regularly if they are high.
These tests usually comprise a lipid panel which is another important factor in heart health and risk assessment. Increase in these parameters can often be associated with poor heart health in the future. Health On Demand's non-fasting, finger prick test is a good way to get screened and know whether further investigation is needed.
ECG (Electrocardiogram) and pulse rate: ECGs are used to measure the electrical impulses in the heart as it beats. Health On Demand.life’s single lead technology allows for a simple screening and assessment with a medical grade ECG that would otherwise require far more time and effort to obtain. Along with this, the pulse-rate i.e. how many times the heart beats per minute is a good screen for heart health. Blood Oxygen Saturation: This indicates what percentage of the haemoglobin in blood is carrying oxygen. Lowered levels can be a significant risk factor.

A: All devices used at the Health On Demand station are globally accredited with certifications such as USFDA and CE. The purpose of these devices is to help carry out initial screening for health risk assessments and prevention of disease. In spite of their accuracy, measurements should not be construed as diagnosis without the consultation of a qualified physician. If you do require further diagnostic tests, you can view Health On Demand.life’s recommendations for you available with our diagnostic service partners and select the one that suits you most.

A: You can compare your readings with the normal reference ranges available with the Pilot. At the end of each session, a report (e-mailed to you) will also give you a basic understanding of each parameter and its ranges. We recommend that you connect with an expert on Health On Demand or consult your personal physician for a better understanding of the results.

A: All health tests offered at the Health On Demand station are done using devices that are globally accredited for quality, accuracy and efficacy. However, these tests are offered for health screening or self-monitoring purposes, and should not be used to arrive at a clinical diagnosis. When you see an abnormal reading, you may ask for a re-test. In case the re-test values are also abnormal or you are not satisfied, please consult your primary care physician for further investigations or management.

A: If you feel your readings are wrong or if you are not satisfied, you can repeat the test at the Health On Demand station at minimal cost. If the values are consistent with each other, then you may choose to go for further diagnostic investigations at our partner labs or any diagnostic centre of your choice.

A: The Health On Demand health station tests are meant for screening purposes and not diagnostic results. However, we recommend you visit a diagnostic centre and get the test profile recommended by your doctor. You can choose a Health On Demand partner lab or a diagnostic centre of your choice to provide test packages through the recommendation portal that can be bought through Health On Demand.life’s marketplace and redeemed at participating partner sites.

A: Health On Demand uses state-of-the-art point of care devices that each relies on specific biological markers and technology that provides quick, immediate results for health screening. The Health On Demand tech platform integrates test devices to secure cloud using low-energy Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This helps generate a report within seconds of completing a Health On Demand session.

On the other hand diagnostic labs use procedural elements to draw and profile your blood, which needs to be processed in a clinical setting.

A: Factors that can affect test results vary by the type of test but generally can be affected by:

Food intake: For some tests that require blood like blood sugar, cholesterol, triglycerides, the time of food intake can play a role in your readings.
Device and test administration error: the following may lead to less accurate results
Operating conditions: temperature and humidity
Technical: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
Human error: procedural lapse related to user or operator Physical fatigue, stress, dehydration While care is taken to minimize these errors, it is possible for them to occur.


A: Simply walk up to the Health On Demand station at your workplace. If you can’t find it, just ask your colleagues, the proactive ones will know! At the station you will find a friendly operator, the Health On Demand Pilot. They will guide you through the simple steps to begin your Health On Demand journey. Getting started is as simple as signing up on Facebook, just input your details and then sit back, relax and allow the pilot to guide you through your experience.
If you do not yet have a Health On Demand station at your workplace, write to connect@healthondemand.co or find Health On Demand on Facebook and share #HealthOnDemandupmyworkplace

A: Yes, you can download our app and book and appointment, if the feature is not available, you can walk up to the health station to book one with our operators. Sometimes the station maybe free and you can start your session right away. :) The Health On Demand pilot will always be at the station to help you with your healthcare checks and engagement to improve your overall wellbeing.

A: The easiest way to start is if your employer is offering vouchers that you can redeem at the Health On Demand station. If your employer is not offering these vouchers, or if your voucher credit is over, approach the station Pilot for help on how to load your Health On Demand wallet.

A: The timing of a session may vary from user to user based on how much they wish to engage with the platform. A basic session may take about 15-20 minutes but if someone wishes to speak to an expert on-call, or buy a recommended product, it may take longer depending on the consultation topic and concerns raised by the user.

A: No. All tests will only be done the first time you visit the station. On subsequent visits you can choose only the tests you want.


A: Select your health concern under the broad category, for instance “Digestive (GI) System”.
Then tap on the specific issues such as “indigestion” or “acidity” or as many as apply to you.
You will then see a list of experts who can help you address those issues. Once you’ve chosen the expert you’d like to speak to, you can confirm your call on the app and continue your consultation on the go.

A: Doctors and experts have their own individual fees based on their expertise and experience. These fees are set as per every 5 minutes of call time and can be viewed on the expert’s profile page while choosing the expert.

A: Health On Demand curates the best-in-class experts with a rich background in healthcare. You will also be able to browse through the experts’ profiles which will contain details of their qualifications, experience and other credentials.


A: You must use your Health On Demand wallet to purchase products and services from Health On Demand. There are three ways to load your wallet:

  • Vouchers: Redeem vouchers from your employer on the Health On Demand platform
  • Cash: Approach your Health On Demand pilot with the amount you would like to load and then wait for your Health On Demand wallet to reflect this
  • Credit Card: Swipe your card at the Health On Demand station to add more money to your Health On Demand wallet

A: The cancellation and return policies apply on a case-to-case basis based on the product or service partners. Please read terms and conditions carefully.

A: No. In case of emergency please contact your physician or an emergency medical services provider.

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